What Can GTLeader Provide for ESD Simulation

Device simulators like Medici (Pisces), Davinci, etc., have been used for almost 20 years to simulate a variety of effects, including latch-up and ESD. They are quite complicated to use, but provide good physics, including geometry effects. However, device simulators have their own set of problems, such as, run out of grid nodes quickly and 3D simulators are too slow.

Circuit simulators like Spice have been used, but not as successfully because they
cannot deal very well with geometrical effects, and especially temperature coupling.


• GTLeader in alliance with Sequoia Design Systems can provide accurate ESD/LU
simulation to provide much greater understanding of what is happening in the devices and
  circuits during failure. This insight is almost impossible to obtain from experimental data

• GTLeader staff have used simulation to predict failure mechanisms from 3um down to
  90nm technologies.


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